Welcome to 
Winnipesaukee Harley Owners Group 
Chapter # 2529

Welcome to Winnipesaukee Harley Owners Group
In the Heart of
New Hampshire's Lakes Region

Upcoming Rides (July/August) - registration at 8:30, depart LHD 9am unless otherwise noted:
  • Wednesday, July 25th - (Experienced Riders) Rangeley, ME (long day!) CANCELLED
  • Saturday, July 28th - Goody Cole Smokehouse - Brentwood
  • Sunday, July 29th - Clark's Trading Post & Trained Bears
  • August 2-5 - Iron Adventure Run, Sunday River
  • Sunday, August 5th - The Crane Snowmobile Museum, Lancaster
  • Wednesday, August 8th - NEWBIE Ride
  • Saturday, August 11th - Yankee Candle and Chandler's Restaurant
  • Sunday, August 12th - MEETING followed by Hayward's Trading Post
  • August 17-19: Cooperstown and Baseball Hall of Fame
  • Saturday, August 18th - NEWBIE Ride
  • Sunday, August 19th - Augusta and Red Barn Seafood Shack
  • Wednesday, August 22nd - Peterborough Diner
  • Saturday, August 25th - Canadian Border Turnaround
Details on the August 5th Ride:
Joe Boucher, the lead Road Captain on this ride, has selected as his Road Captain's Choice the Crane Snowmobile Museum in Lancaster.  Note from Joe: 
"I have connected with the owner (Mr. Paul Crane) who has gathered over 100 antique snowmobiles covering the early years and those manufactured during the 1960's and 1970's. He and I connected right away as I and my family have quite a background in snowmobiles of that era.  My son at 14 years of age was the Alaska Junior Champion Ice Oval racer and we were pretty involved in racing and recreational snowmobiling.  I was also President of the 350 member snowmobile club in Anchorage.
Mr. Crane is opening the Museum just for us on Sun Aug 5th and I told him I would be bringing at least 10 or 12 members to view the museum.  There is a five dollar charge to get in."

Let's make sure we get behind and support the Road captains, Joe, Davy and Stu on this great ride and destination.  As you know, there's a lot of preparation for this and all rides.  And here the owner is opening up the museum just for us!
The 95th Laconia Motorcycle Week (LMW) is now history.  And what a week it was! I’m calling this year’s event a “renaissance” because of a variety of factors including:
  • greater numbers of attendees (nearly 300,000) compared to 2017,
  • widely accepted new events (Tower Street Hillclimb, HDMC Factory rides, stunt shows, even adult beverages on the LHD property, etc.),
  • increased number of organized rides and
  • the positive feedback I’ve been receiving across most constituencies (riders, businesses, vendors, fire & police, municipalities). 


We all agree that the most important driver of a great LMW is the weather.  And it was nearly perfect. LMW is truly a riders’ rally in contrast to some of the others, e.g., Daytona, which are more party-oriented events.  And riding is one area where WinniHOG shines and has focused its attention for LMW.  In addition to our traditional three Chapter-led rides (Bentley’s, Ladies, Ride to The Sky), which have always been popular, this year we added a Newbie Ride and two HDMC Factory rides.  That’s six rides which safely accommodated over 300 riders traversing some of the most beautiful sites and scenery the Lakes Region and beyond has to offer.  


The other WinniHOG focal point has been and continues to be the Hospitality Desk at LHD and attendant support of HOG-related as well as LMW activities.  While the Chapter certainly benefits from the water and raffle sales, the true raison d'être or purpose of the Desk is to provide aid and assistance to the tens of thousands of fellow motorcycle riders that visit LHD during the week.  We, as Chapter Members, should be proud of the impact of that assistance and the goodwill it brings to the Chapter and our sponsoring dealership.


While some debate that LMW is a local experience, I argue that it is a world-class event.  Being one of “The Big Three”, Sturgis, Daytona and Laconia, it certainly qualifies as to size.  Being the oldest motorcycle rally in the world underscores its singular place in history, its longevity and legacy.  While size may change over time, there is only ONE oldest motorcycle rally! 


I want to personally thank all of our Chapter Members who have helped make LMW such a success.  WinniHOG has an important role in extending the renaissance of LMW as it approaches its 100th anniversary and beyond.  I hope you’ll join me in embracing “Challenge Accepted” to help make Laconia Motorcycle Week a true world-class event.


 Your Chapter officers, Road Captains, committee members and all those who regularly volunteer their time and effort are working together to make 2018 the best year for the WinniHOG Membership.  The very best way to thank our RCs for their service to the Chapter is to attend the rides.  There is a considerable effort to prepare for each ride: create the route, determine the necessary stops along the way for breaks, fuel, food, (ice cream – Bruce’s rides), contingencies, do the pre-ride to ensure no road problems, etc.  Imagine completing all that preparation and having only 3-RCs show up for a ride.  With over 200-Members, we can have a good turnout for each ride (it’s why we do what we do!)  See YOU on Sunday for the Cabelas ride.


Take part in the activities and rides, volunteer where and when you can and enjoy the camaraderie of people with whom you share similar interests.  We’ve got a GREAT group with NO BOUNDARIES!

See you soon!!!



The 2017 WinniHOG2529 Year in Review
Do you think we have FUN?  You betcha!  Come join us.

Our Chapter Mission Statement

The Winnipesaukee H.O.G. Chapter is a volunteer organization that works in partnership with Laconia Harley-Davidson to provide a positive member experience through camaraderie and social engagement. The Chapter orchestrates events and safe motorcycle rides for our members and their quests. Our Chapter is a strong, supportive force in the community and we strive to be good stewards and representatives to our members and our sponsoring dealership.

And of course, “NO BOUNDARIES!  LET'S RIDE!”.


Who We Are

The Winnipesaukee H.O.G. Chapter is located in Meredith, New Hampshire and is sponsored by Laconia Harley Davidson.  We meet on the second Sunday of each month in the upstairs meeting room of the dealership at 9am (10am during the non-riding season).

We are a family friendly group who love to ride our Harleys and always welcome new members.

If you have a question or comment, or have a suggestion for a event please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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